Start 2013

First tur: 10.00
Second tur: 14.00

What you see and experience:
– 20 painters and sculptors
– Livepainting
– 7 fascinating stops
– Sliced salami, and wine
– Homemade pancakes and jam
– Lunch: fish, potatoes and salad
– Homemade wine in unlimited quantities and spirit
+ gift

Info location:
Pot na zajčjo goro 24
8290 Sevnica
Mobile: 00386 40 760 870


Galary Stala
– Livepainting
– 2 painters (Jerca and Tea)

– Sculptor and painter (Joze)
– Painter (Nena)
– Sliced salami, and wine

– Livepainting
– Gention flower

Zagode estade
– 12 painters
– Homemade pancakes and jam

– Painter (Matic)
– Lunch

– Sculptures in wood
– Clean water

– Gift
– End of Arttur
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Jerca Santej
Jerca Šantej was born in Sevnica, Slovenia in 1964. She discovered her passion for art at an early age and pursued an in-depth art education at numerous universities and workshops in Slovenia. After graduating from the College of Arts and Sciences, and armed with her college degree (including achievments in law studies), Jerca dedicated herself to the ascetic life of a painter.In 1991 Jerca enjoyed critical and popular acclaim at her first solo artist exhibition, which yielded a wide array of invitations to present her work at exhibitions around the world.Jerca Šantej lives and works within Slovenia’s verdant rolling hills and valleys and in the charming capital city of Ljubljana.
Tea Bicic
Tea Bičić was born 1979 in Pula (Croatia). She holds a Diploma from the Academy of Fine Art in Venice (Italy) at the painting Department, in the class of Prof. Paolo Tessari. She is a member of HDLU Istra (Croatian Association of Artists in Istra). Tea displayed her work on many group exhibitions and a number of independent ones. She was awarded with a number of prizes and aknowledgements for her work. Tea also participated in few Artist`s Colonies. She lives in Labin (Croatia).
Joze Subic
Jože Šubic was born in Maribor on 11 March 1958. In 1982 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Artists in Ljubljana. He was pursuing his postgraduatestudies in painting and finished them in 1984. He works in painting, object art, sculpture, ceramics and graphic art. He had several solo exhibitions and participated in major retrospective exhibition of contemporary painting and printmaking at home and abroad. He received several national awards.
Vladimir Leben
Vladimir Leben was born in Celje in Slovenia on 1 January 1971. First he attended the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana, then he continued his studies of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. His first exhibition was in 1991. Since that time he presented his work in four solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions at home and abroad. Vladimir Leben lives and works in Ljubljana and currently he is very busy with animated films.
Nena Bedek
Nena was born in 1970 in Brežice. She attended the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana, and graduated as a fine arts teacher from the Faculty of Education in Maribor. She currently lives in Sevnica and teaches fine arts at the secondary school in Boštanj. Her artistic works are a strong reflection of her personality. Her creative motivation most frequently derives from her current mood, as reflected in the placement of her palette, which is typically a contrast between warm colours and the mandatory range of blue-violet shades. Feelings interpreted with colour combinations through abstract shapes as a type of research on the canvas dominate her narrative. Sometimes the spontaneous splashing of colour on a previously prepared, possibly relief canvas, represents a special challenge, as such abstract playing with various materials and colour combinations means complete freedom and creative experimentation.
Matic Svazic
Matic Svazic was born in Trbovlje, Slovenia in 1983. He graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Ljubljana. He held his first solo exhibition, “La divina commedia”, at the castle in Sevnica. It covers the entire area of graphic design and special qualifications in the field of web design. His designs have already impressed many companies around the world, especially in Europe. He and his colleagues formed a cultural and social association named Partyzone. They have organised more than 60 cultural workshops and music projects. His life motto is: Again and again; try something new every day!
Maria Mojca Vilar
Maria Mojca Vilar was born on May 1957 in Ljubljana. She graduated Arthouse College for Visual Arts in Ljubljana under the counsellor prof. Darko Slavec. After she continued on postgraduate studies with mentor prof. Huiquin Wang, developing hers own art practise with expressive innovative power. For more than two decades she is representing herś paintings in autonomous exhibitions at home and abroad. She participated in many educational workshops and painters meetings. She is also illustrator of some books. She prefer to rummage among ancient mythology, also she is well interesting on spirituality and religious experiences.
Zaneto Pavlin
Media manipulator (journalist, photographer, designer, producer) from Istria.Cofounder of EGOIST ARTZ & PARTZ art & design production with Maja BRISKI. Winner of the Special mention award from the Venice Art Biennale competition The most significant photograph of a contemporary work of art in 2009. Curator & Art Director of all above mentioned solo and group projects is Maja BRISKI.


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