Lado Leben


/ Slikar / Slovenija /

Vladimir Leben je odraščal je v Sevnici, Akademijo za likovno umetnost pa je obiskoval v Ljubljani. Sodeloval je na številnih samostojnih in skupinskih razstavah doma in v tujini, med odmevnejše sodi projekt Galapagos. Je soustanovitelj Muzeja premoderne umetnosti. Poleg slikarstva se ukvarja tudi z animacijo in ilustracijo. Je dobitnik prve nagrade za animacijo na 10. Festivalu slovenskega filma v Portorožu leta 2007 in prejemnik priznanja Hinka Smrekarja na 10. Slovenskem bienalu ilustracije leta 2012. Živi in dela v Ljubljani.

Contact Info:
Address: Veselova 21, 1000 Ljubljana      
Mobile: 00386 31 402 466

Matija Svazic

matic svazic

/ Graphic & Multimedia designer /
Matic Svazic was born in Trbovlje, Slovenia in 1983. He graduated at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Ljubljana. He had his first solo exhibition “La divina commedia” at the castle in Sevnica. It covers the entire area of graphic design, special qualifications in the field of web design, his design has already impressed many companies around the world especially in Europe. He and friend create cultural and social association named Partyzone. Thay made more than 80 Cultural, workshop, music, projects. His life motto is: Again and again, every day, try always something new!

Contact Info:
Address: Šmarska cesta 14, Sevnica, Slovenia   
Mobile: 00386 41 436 984


Jerca Santej

jerca santej

/ Artist painter /
Jerca Šantej was born in Sevnica, Slovenia in 1964. She discovered her passion for art at an early age and pursued an in-depth art education at numerous universities and workshops in Slovenia. After graduating from the College of Arts and Sciences, and armed with her college degree (including achievments in law studies), Jerca dedicated herself to the ascetic life of a painter.In 1991 Jerca enjoyed critical and popular acclaim at her first solo artist exhibition, which yielded a wide array of invitations to present her work at exhibitions around the world.Jerca Šantej lives and works within Slovenia’s verdant rolling hills and valleys and in the charming capital city of Ljubljana.

Contact Info:
Address: Pot na Zajcjo goro 24, 8290 Sevnica, SLOVENIA EUROPE        
Mobile: 00386 40 760 870


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The International Institute of QRA (quick response art ) is a non-profit educational and research center which seeks to promote international understanding through cultural means.

QRA Center

QRA creates exhibitions, publications, multimedia, education and research projects engaging with new ideas and emerging debates in the contemporary visual arts which reflect the diversity of contemporary society. QRA engages with new ideas and emerging debates in the contemporary visual arts, reflecting in particular the diversity of contemporary society. We work with artists, curators, creative producers, writers and the public to explore the vitality of visual culture.


To be active in the arts…

  • To provide a platform for high quality activity in order to question existing positions and hierarchies within visual culture
  • To collaborate and offer opportunities to artists, curators and writers so that a greater range of voices can contribute and be heard
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  • To encourage a dialogue with audiences through dynamic forms of engagement
  • To work in partnership with others to ensure that our activity remains at the ever-changing edge of debateTo build and share knowledge about art…
  • To continue to seek out fresh ideas and approaches which develop and challenge our understanding of cultural diversity
  • To create space for reflection of cultural diversity at Slovenian region and beyond