Adventure color



Annual workshop in Sevnica

workshopIn the modern pace of life that surrounds us, slowly losing touch with themselves. We are increasingly burdened with material goods,rather than to deepen ourselves and once again awaken our innerenergy. On the question of who and what we are, we can respond trought the colors. Enter on this crazy journey and discover the adventure of life with passion colors!

This  “Adventure” takes us literally to the world of colors, limitless potential and endless energy. Knowledge and experience of the previous adventure, we will unite and create a whole color composition at the wall behind the stand for bowling Sevnica. Traces of our brushes will be drew into eternity.


Soft – soul of the future

soft2012 main picture
soft2012 main picture

Event name: International Project SOFT
(The Soul of the Future)

Event happenings:  Open call !!!

IInternational Project SOFT (The Soul of the Future) based on the integration of artists around the world.
Realize what is their relationship to the values of the future and what are their vision.

The project consists of two parts:
1. active involvement in the painting canvas (action painting)
2. and mail art.